• Bring the Experts to You with a New Partnership Between Geniecast and eSpeakers Marketplace

    Beam Me Up, Scotty

    FROM THE Spring 2018 ISSUE

A good speaker can make or break a conference, but sometimes scheduling can get in the way of that magic touch that a great speaker adds. If you try to set up a virtual speech yourself, you’ll almost definitely encounter technology problems. And if you record ahead of time, you’ll lose the dynamic interactions that are so important to a presentation. 

The eSpeakers Marketplace has always been a useful source for finding and hiring speakers, and Geniecast is the world’s largest platform of speakers, experts and thought leaders delivered to audiences via live, two-way interactive video. The two have announced a new partnership that will enable groups to utilize both companies and give events access to great speakers. 

“Geniecast handles the entire virtual event production from beginning to end,” says Keith Alper, CEO and founder of Geniecast. “We coordinate with the chosen speaker and client to ensure any pre-call requirements are met and provide gear checks for both parties and on-site A/V teams to ensure a seamless presentation.”

Break out the red-andwhite checkered tablecloths and paper lunch bags!


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