It took a year and a half to create the right dough, but Michelle Silberman, chief cookie officer and founder of ChocAmo, created a revolutionary way to hold your drink: cookie cups. “We believe in dessert innovation,” says Silberman. The cookie cups, the flagship product of the innovative dessert company, can hold any liquid to create combinations, such as milk in the original chocolate chip cookie cup, or a more grown-up drink, such as one of Silberman’s favorites, the Persian Night. The recipe, created by Dan Lan Hamm of Spirit Forward, combines warm date-infused rum, cinnamon, coconut milk and honey in a chocolate cookie cup. ChocAmo ships its cookie cups nationally and also does gifting, such as party favors, edible logos and logos on the boxes for events.

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Gettysburg is synonymous with the Civil War, but that’s not the only thing this charming place has going for it. Set in the heart of Pennsylvania's Fruit Belt, Adams County is home to more than 20,000 acres of apple trees, making it an ideal location for growing not only 100 varieties of apples, but peaches, grapes, hops and more. Tucked among the farm markets, orchards and vineyards is a growing number of wineries, cideries, breweries and distilleries.