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iFly King of Prussia, the region’s only indoor skydiving operations, offers its visitors a chance to experience the sensation of flight. Located in King of Prussia, iFly features a 14-foot vertical wind tunnel powered by four electric engines in the roof that power four state-of-the-art fans that push air around the building, underneath the building and then back up into the flight chamber. This air flow creates a wall-to-wall cushion of air in which anyone from age 3 to 103 can safely float. For safety purposes, iFly has a standard weight limit of 300 pounds and cannot accommodate pregnant guests or anyone with a prior shoulder dislocation; a pre-flight training course is also included. Reservations are recommended.

International Body Flight certified instructors are present at all times for flyers because, unlike skydiving, a person will fly alone in the wind tunnel. One flight at iFly is equivalent to two skydives and typically lasts for 3-5 minutes for first-time flyers. “The best part of the experience at iFly is flying,” says Dori Sawyer, operations manager. “The best way I can describe it is like you’re floating on water but you’re not wet. You’re learning to surf the wind.”

Besides the flying experience, iFly also offers space for meetings and other events to accommodate its visitors. “Lately, we’ve been really picking up on corporate events,” Sawyer says. Visitors have the opportunity to utilize iFly’s full executive boardroom for corporate events and meetings for 16 to 30 people. The venue can be rented out to groups of up to 180, and groups of up to 12 can fly every half hour. “You could have your quarterly meeting in the conference room and then come out and fly. It’s a great team-building activity,” explains Sawyer. Besides meetings, iFly can host social events, educational classes and more. “We can be a full-service event venue. We have an array of catering options available, including carving stations with a bartender, and our sales team can customize the event to be whatever your heart desires,” she says. iFly offers flying sessions every half hour for groups up to 12 365 days a year. 

In England tea time is a right of passage, but here in the U.S., enjoying tea with friends or family is often reserved for special occasions.

Luckily, Pennsylvania is flush with tea rooms serving up everything from simple cream teas to delectable sandwiches, pastries and savory treats.

These tea rooms invite guests to step away from the rush of everyday life and enjoy a few hours sipping tea and enjoying the company of colleagues.



The texture of the Norman Arch leading into the historic Masonic Temple in Philadelphia inspired this clean, midcentury modern table.


This summer table fit for a special event, such as a chairman’s dinner, features a mix of midcentury design with modern elements. Carolyn Rizzo, head designer of Garnish, says this technique is easily accomplished in décor but challenging to pull off in event design.


Organization is key to a planners’ success; a system for staying on track makes for a sense of control, even for the largest of workloads. But keeping track of daily tasks, upcoming events and goals can be overwhelming, and rarely are all those things recorded in one place. That is until the Bullet Journal took hold. Ryder Carroll, inventor of the Bullet Journal, calls it “an analog system for the digital age that will help you track the past, organize the present, and plan for the future."