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The Importance of Positive Site Visits

Over the summer I was given the opportunity to join the TSTS Tech Summit in Cancun. It was the first time I had travelled for work - outside of internal company trips - and the first time I had ever travelled to Mexico. In anticipation of the next TSTS event in Dallas, I’ve been reflecting on the trip, the positive experience I had, and what made the conference so successful. I’ve narrowed it down to one major thing: the attention to detail at all of our site visits.

Hotel du Village Reopens after Renovations

Hotel du Village captures the beauty and romance of the French countryside and places it squarely in the charming and creative hamlet of New Hope. It’s long been a New Hope landmark, beloved by visitors and residents, many of whom spent Thanksgiving dinner around a table at the hotel’s restaurant, so it was naturally met with curiosity when Hotel du Village was sold in 2013.

Philadelphia Named First World Heritage City in the United States

What do you think of when you hear the designation “World Heritage City?” Does it make you grab your passport and think of places such as Brugge, Cairo or Cartagena? Well, you can add Philadelphia to that list now, as the city of Brotherly Love was just designated the first World Heritage City in the United States. It’s an impressive designation, passed by vote at the recent XIII World Congress of the Organization of World Heritage Cities in Arequipa, Peru. The designation comes as the result of a two-year campaign.

Holiday Gifting with a Local Slant

I love road trips. I like knowing I’m going somewhere, but my favorite part is what I may find along the way. While driving to Gettysburg last week, I kept seeing signs for a place called Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum & Candy Emporium. I’ll admit, I was intrigued and when I asked Carl Whitehill, the director of communications for Visit Gettysburg, what the story was behind the place, he surprised me with a visit.

Enjoy Farm to Conference Table Amenities Near Rural Pastures

Most farms in America have a rich history of providing food for the community, with many dating back hundreds of years and several generations of workers, but did you know these farms open their barns and scenic pastures to planners for unique events?

Room With a View: Have a Meal on the Water Aboard the Moshulu

Whether you need to wow clients, treat colleagues to a well-deserved celebratory meal or simply show out-of-towners what your city has to offer, the Moshulu sails away with the prize. This Philadelphia landmark occupies a prime Penn’s Landing location with river views across to New Jersey. The Moshulu is permanently moored—so there’s no actual sailing taking place—but it’s easy to settle into your table and feel like you’re about to set sail. It is the world’s oldest and largest square rigging ship still afloat.


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