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The Places

BY Keith Loria
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Eating at Reading Terminal Market

I took my kids to Reading Terminal Market recently for lunch. They’ve never been before and as soon as we walked past the doors, my daughter let out a deep sigh and said, “I think I’ve just walked into heaven.” It didn’t hurt that we were standing between cookies and chocolate. We walked up and down the aisles for a good 20 minutes, mesmerized by all of the choices. Indian? Cheesesteaks? Corned beef? How about that sandwich that’s considered the best in America? It all smelled so good but which food stand would get our business?

Get Down to Business & Have Fun at Sports Complexes

Sports are all about teamwork. So play for the day at a sports complex and you'll help build a sense of camaraderie among employees or members of groups and organizations. Sports complexes are facilities with courts for basketball, volleyball and tennis, and indoor and outdoor fields for baseball, softball, soccer and more. And many sports complexes host corporate meetings and events. Additionally, these facilities often have conference rooms or spaces that can be converted to accommodate meetings or events. 


Glean a Little, Help A Lot

Is there anything better than biting into a fresh strawberry or enjoying a salad crafted from farm-fresh lettuce? It’s quite simply one of the joys of summer. Summer is a great time to get your team out of the office and if you’re looking for a way to boost your CSR and have a little fun, check out Rolling Harvest.

Plan Your Next Event at a Top 10 Luxury Suite in the Country

Showing clients and attendees a good time while they visit your city isn’t always easy. Standard tourist attractions can get stale and group happy hours and dinners are sometimes just not enough to ‘wow’ the group. SuiteHop, an online platform that allows users to directly book entire suites or individual seats in suites that would have otherwise gone unused, has unique access to ultra-exclusive suites at hard to get into events.

11 Best New M+E Venues of 2015

There is nothing better than discovering a new venue that will really wow the guests of your next event, especially when those venues are located in some of the most popular places around the country. Here at M+E, we’ve searched to find the hottest and most modern venues of the 2015 season. Let’s take a look at these new, state of the art spaces that are perfect for conducting business, throwing a party or socializing with friends or colleagues.

1). First off, we start in the city of fame, entertainment and stars: Los Angeles, California.


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