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The Planning

-The Planning-
BY Josephine Werni
-The Planning-
BY Brittany Trevick
-The Planning-
BY Keith Loria


How Pharma Meeting Planners Adapt to Changing Demands

The latest data from the Mayo Clinic and Olmsted Medical Center reveals that nearly 70 percent of Americans take at least one prescription drug, and more than half take two or more. Expenditures on prescription drugs reached more than $300 billion last year, so it’s no surprise that pharmaceutical companies continue to bolster operations and look to get in front of as many in the health care industry as they can.

Baskets from A Gift Inside Deliver Delicious Edible Treats

A Gift Inside began in 2009 as an online gift shop known as Golden State Fruit. It then expanded to the East Coast in 2013 and set up shop in a 40,000-square-foot production facility located in the heart of Lancaster County. After purchasing an artisan confections company in 2015, A Gift Inside added a full-service chocolate kitchen to both of its facilities, where many chocolates are handcrafted.

How Freelance Planners Can Help You

It is appropriate that the word freelance originates from “knights whose lances were free for hire.” Freelance planners can take shape in a variety of roles and assist you and your meeting in numerous ways. Regardless of the how, they are the modern-day knights in shining armor, coming to rescue of the overworked and overwhelmed meeting planner.

How To Dress Up Your Backyard

Summer is the best season for entertaining. After a long winter and an unpredictable spring, you can always count on summer to host your outdoor event. You can’t beat the late nights filled with warm breezes, the smell of bonfire, and late night chatter. The key to a successful summer night is planning and preparation. Here are some affordable DIY trends that will make your backyard event the talk of the town. Happy planning!

Four Companies Have Just the Tools to Make Meetings and Events Easier and More Effective

Meeting and event applications seem to enter the market in floods, often via the app store of your choice. Many products are created to lessen tedious work. The exciting, high-paced meetings and events field has offered plenty of demand for exactly that. The tech market’s high level of competition offers benefits for planners. For one, companies work to make their products indispensable, while dedicating resources to customer happiness (because they aim higher than satisfaction).

Event Survival Must-Haves to Ensure a Great Evening

I recently had the pleasure of attending my first event with Meetings + Events. I had a great time and learned a lot; however, there were several things I wish I had at my disposal to ease the evening. After some reflection, I have come up with an event survival kit filled with various items to help make sure your evening goes off without a hitch. Then you can worry about the potential big problems, instead of how uncomfortable your shoes are and when you will get to finally take them off.

What's New in Event Entertainment

Shingin the spotlight on the talents of a performer not only adds an element of entertainment to an event, it creates a shared experience for your guests that encourages camaraderie and inspires individuals to connect with their own potential for greatness. All eyes may be on the stage, but the four performers profiled here insist that it’s the audience that steals the show every time.

Live Event Painting

Color Your Contacts With Mini Business Card Holders

Collect and consolidate business cards in style with this fashionable Colorful Mini Card Book v2 available at This compact yet effective organizer has 30 slots and comes with three index cards to help you sort your collection. Offered in a variety of six colors, the book can match any style and always looks professional with a leather cover and durable rubber band to keep contacts in place.


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