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The Planning

-The Planning-
BY Josephine Werni
-The Planning-
BY Brittany Trevick
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When the Recipe Calls for Performers, Look to GigSalad

If you haven’t heard of GigSalad, you’re missing out on a great resource. GigSalad is a marketplace for event talent and services. GigSalad’s core product is a robust booking platform that makes it easy and convenient for both the buyer and performer to book gigs securely. For the entertainer or service provider, they provide a promotional platform with photos, videos, reviews and booking details. For the event host, they provide a connection to tens of thousands of local entertainers and vendors and make booking safe and easy.

Motivate & Inspire Teams With Activities Outside the Office

If all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, just imagine what it does to a meeting agenda. When an individual engages in an activity he or she enjoys, the result is a boosted immune system, a sense of optimism, a fresh perspective and a feeling of belonging, according to the National Institute for Play. The rewards are multiplied in a workplace culture that values play. Doing so fosters creativity, problem solving and adaptability, and it prepares employees to thrive in the face of complex challenges—it builds a strong, engaged team.

Philadelphia Prepares for the Pope

With the 8th World Meeting of Families conference convening in Philadelphia at the Pennsylvania Convention Center from September 22-25, and a historic visit from Pope Francis taking place September 25-27, the City of Brotherly Love is welcoming families from all over the world with open arms. For attendees considering bringing their family to a convention in Philadelphia there are many great family-friendly options guaranteed to offer an entertaining and educational experience for everyone.
Franklin Square

Guide to Greening Your Next Event

Any time that people gather, there’s an increased potential that strong connections, new ideas and lasting memories will be created. The unfortunate side effects often can be excess waste and taxed re-sources, but the meeting and events industry has seen the concept of going green transform from a trendy buzzword to a meaningful effort that’s embraced by many planners, suppliers and attendees alike.

Must-Have Apps for Planners

The National Conference Center, one of the largest meeting and training facilities in the country, compiled a list of the top meeting and event planning apps by combing through all those offered and chatting with industry professionals. Below are their results.

Instagram Inspiration

Just as writers experience the dreaded writer’s block, event planners, too, can get stuck in a rut. The Internet is a great place for sparking ideas, but options are limitless. How does one find inspiration with so many different things to search? Pinterest is a classic go-to, but Instagram might be the stronger choice. Instead of scrolling through an endless amount of pictures—some relevant and others completely useless—following someone you admire will give you more successful ideas you can incorporate into your events. We’ve listed a few accounts that boast exceptional ideas.

Think Spring for Your Next Goodie Bag

Event bags are always a hit with guests. And while most parties can’t live up to the standard of celebrity gift bags (This year’s Academy Award gift bags included $20,000 worth of merchandise featuring a private dinner party at Morton’s steakhouse and a pair of Beamer Video Phones), us ‘regular people’ can have just as much fun with gifts for our guests. Themed bags are a consistently good idea, and we have just the thing for your upcoming spring soiree.

Behind the Scenes at the Academy Awards

There are some things about the Academy Awards we all know—someone will show up with a highly talked-about dress; Vanity Fair will host an epic after-party; and at least one speech will make you cry. But what about the behind-the-scenes info? The work that goes into creating arguably the biggest awards show of the year? We rounded up a list of facts you can tell your co-workers while dishing about this year’s winners (and losers). 


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