The Planning

The Planning

-The Planning-
BY Josephine Werni
-The Planning-
BY Brittany Trevick
-The Planning-
BY Keith Loria


Handling Event Cancellations

As event planners, you’re likely dealing with last-minute cancellations all the time. Sickness, weather, whatever the specific reason is, there’s somebody calling or emailing to let you know they won’t be able to make it to your event/meeting/conference. Last week was another icy one in the PA region and while I was planning to attend an ISES event in Philadelphia, the snow day the previous day set me back work-wise.

Innovative Thinking is the Key to Success

Innovative thinking is essential to event planning. Without it, all events would be the same and guests would be less than impressed. 

Sometimes, however, innovative thoughts can be shut down. Whether that be from someone not willing to take a risk or companies stuck in doing the same thing over and over again because it has been successful in the past. 

Host a Winning Super Bowl Party

While for some, the actual football part of the Super Bowl is priority No. 1, others find the socializing, food and general party the best part of the sporting event. Check out the below tips to kick off your soiree and score a touchdown with your guests. 

Create a Winning Atmosphere

1. Try a neighborhood tailgate. Set up a grill and some lawn chairs in your driveway or yard and coordinate with other families on your block to do the same.

Super Bowl Snacks

Super Bowl is right around the corner and whether or not football suits your fancy, we can all agree the day offers up an opportunity to indulge in a plethora of delicious dips, desserts and dairy. Below, find our roundup of the tastiest offerings for your upcoming party—whether it’s to watch the game, commercials or Katy Perry.


Creative Conferences

Looking for a way to jump-start that knack for creativity in 2015? Look no further than these 10 conferences taking place around the country. Filled with inspiration as well as activities, speakers and networking, all 10 are sure to give you more event ideas than you know what to do with for the rest of the year.


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