Takeaways from Conferences

I attended the IACC conference at the Chubb Hotel & Conference Center and while I always find the industry trends and reports interesting, my biggest takeaway from the event was the last hour on the last day. I sat down at a table with brown craft paper and a pile of Sharpie markers and was soon told that the other five people at our table of six would be providing 6 minutes of free consulting time to others. What?! I wasn’t sure how it would work but it ended up being very interesting. Not only did I get to learn what’s keeping other people up at night, I got to see how others came up with ideas on ways to ameliorate the issue. It was great fun weighing in on other people’s issues, but then the table turns to you and all of a sudden, you need to share an issue with the group. My tablemate to the left took notes on the brown craft paper as everyone weighed in on my topic: how to be sure we’re covering stories and issues that are meaningful to both planners and vendors? They came up with some great ideas—some I had already thought of but wasn’t doing, some I am doing, and some I hadn’t even thought of. At the end of the session, each person cut out their little square of paper to take home. You can see mine here—with all of the ideas spelled out in Sharpie. Take a look and let me know what you think. If you think they missed something, email me and let me know.

Following months of research, technical and creative presentations, interviews and evaluations, the Allegheny County Airport Authority announced the architectural and engineering firms selected to design a new terminal that will transform Pittsburgh International Airport for a modern travel experience. 


New partnership brings organized approach to small and midsize trade shows.