Venue Report

Venue Report

-Venue Report-
BY Josephine Werni
-Venue Report-
BY Josephine Werni
-Venue Report-
BY Andrea Saavedr


Venue Spotlight: Bucks County Playhouse is Ready to Treat You Like a Star

Located on the Delaware River in the artsy town of New Hope, the Bucks County Playhouse is a beloved theater hosting plays and musicals starring Broadway performers, as well as concerts, comedy performances and film screenings. What you may not have known is that the Playhouse is also a venue: That means corporations and organizations can host meetings and presentations on the same stage that in recent years has been graced by such stars as Tyne Daly, James Earl Jones, Marilu Henner and Marsha Mason.

Room With a View: Spirit of Philadelphia

Organizational events and meetings are often vitally important to group success and cohesion, but rarely memorable experiences. Spirit of Philadelphia seeks to change that by offering a completely customizable event experience—on water. The Spirit of Philadelphia cruise ship can accommodate meetings, company outings and client events in a memorable, modern setting. It boasts three climate-controlled decks and an open-air rooftop lounge.

Destination Spas Put the Zen Into Your Next Meeting

If destination spas have you thinking girlfriend getaways or mother-daughter retreats, it’s time to put down the mouse and pick up the chakra bowl. Destination spas, with their contemplative ambiance and tucked-away setting, are perfect for smaller groups that want to really get away from it all and get to know one another better. “We are ideal for groups who want to concentrate on their goals,” says Brooke Jennings Roe, director of marketing and public relations at The Lodge at Woodloch. Pennsylvania just so happens to be home to several award-winning spas.

Venue Spotlight: Cairnwood Estate

It’s not too often that you get an entire mansion at your disposal, but when you book an event at Cairnwood Estate, the whole National Historic Landmark is yours. Built in 1895 by John Pitcairn, this Beaux Arts French chateau was just named one of the top 25 best historic homes in America by Traditional Home magazine. While the event venue, which has been open since 2001, is most often associated with weddings, this Gilded Age landmark isn’t just for brides and grooms.

Spotlight on Caleb’s American Kitchen

Caleb’s American Kitchen is a delightful restaurant just a few doors down from Peddlers Village in Lahaska, outside of New Hope. Though it is a small space, the restaurant is divided into two rooms, with the lower level room serving as the private dining space. The private space (open during regular restaurnt hours when not booked) can accommodate up to 45 guests for an event.

The Talking Teacup

When you’re in this line of business, it’s often hard to delineate between personal and professional lives. Whenever I pick up a magazine, I find myself reading it less like a consumer and more like a professional, comparing notes on whether we’ve covered that spot or noting how something was written. I also can’t go anywhere without thinking, “do they have private space?” or “do they host events?”

Venue Report: Lancaster Arts Hotel

If you read hotel marketing materials as much as I do, you’ll realize that many like to say they “feel just like home.” I’ve always taken issue with that – not because I don’t love my own home – but because when I travel I want my hotel to be different. I want to experience something unique and memorable. Comfortable, yes, but exactly like what I have at home…no thanks.


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